Here are a couple of interesting "White Fang" pieces...

This piece below was in the Sotheby's Important Tribal Art, May 8th, 1996 catalog

What I find interesting is what Dr. Leon Siroto writes about the figure:
"On the other hand, the figure's legs are not flexed, nor is there evidence of the dorsal shaft used to fix
the image at the top edge of the reliquary. Not all guardians came with this process, although most of
them showed some flexing of their legs. Fang traditional art shows a wide margin for improvization; a local
or regional shift to whitening reliquary guardian figure is not out of the question""
Below is a white Fang figure in the
Denver Art Museum African Art
Reliquary guardian
Fang, Gabon
wood, pigment
gift from Fred Riebling of Denver in August 1942,
collected in the 1890s by Dr. Albert L. Bennett