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The African Arts & Culture Discussion Group

Launched March 1st, 2005
Fellow African art collector Lee Rubinstein and myself launched a discussion group on African art and
culture. Our aim is for this group to be a place where collectors of all levels can freely ask questions, share
knowledge and experiences and hopefully learn a little in the process.

I personally want to make this discussion group an educational and interactive place for all African art
collectors in the world.
The African Arts & Culture discussion group provides an open forum for sharing ideas, insights, questions and
announcements regarding a broad range of African creative expressions from historical works originating within and among
“traditional” cultures on the African continent to more recent and contemporary ‘tradition-based” objects and performances
from Africa and throughout the increasingly global African cultural Diaspora.

Exploring traditional African cultural and aesthetic forms AND modern tradition-based works (with an eye toward the future),
it is our goal to facilitate discussion of all content focusing upon African artistic production and expression as well as the
dynamic contexts of history and migration through which the traditional forms have arisen and evolved. We encourage open,
respectful discourse on and inquiry into 1) objects of African traditional material culture 2) the ceremonial, ritual, economic
and day-to-day events from and for which these objects have historically been generated and 3) more recent and/or
contemporary works (objects and performances) through which these tradition-based forms persist.

We seek to include all diverse interests, knowledge and curiosity of forum participants and to encourage thoughtful
contributions and thought-provoking queries regarding African objects, visual and performance arts, ritual and aesthetic
productions, at rest or in motion, from any point in time. While remaining open to a broad range of perspectives, disciplines
and styles of analysis, we request that submissions be offered with the goal of illuminating an area of inquiry and respect at
all times the varied perspectives of all participants and visitors.

The group is moderated and presented by Lee Rubinstein and Rand Smith
Do you have questions, experiences or stories that you would like to share with other collectors?
Do you want a place where you can interact with other collectors out there?
The discussion group is not a commercial launch pad, we generally do not allow items for sale to be posted.

The African Arts and Culture discussion group has members from all over the world with varied levels of knowledge and experience.
I try and share various articles about all aspects of African art and culture that I find interesting with the group.
I also release my You Be the Judge pages to the group when I finish them.

It is a small, but growing group of collectors - 180 (+/-) people from all around the globe since the group was started in March 2005.
I invite you to join the group and ask a question or share an experience and interact with collectors from around the world!
Click on the link above to join the new African Arts discussion group on Yahoo! and join in on
the conversation or start your own. If you have a piece in your collection that you are unsure
of or want more information you can ask the group.
Internet Discussion Groups/BLOGS on Tribal Art
Tribal Arts Forum
Tribal Art Forum, dedicated to tribal arts of the world, where collectors can share their enthusiasm for these
beautiful, magical objects.
Tribal Artery BLOG
"Offering timely and informative notices about the world of Tribal Art, it's creators and collectors, along with subjects of related
interest to collectors and artists."
The Robert Goldwater Library Online Resource
is an interactive, online news and information resource. It is the brainchild of the Goldwater Library, the library to the
Department of the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Links to special pages I created on my website about various types of objects for reference purposes
Igbo and other personal altar figures

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Iphri / Ephri personal shrine figures

Information and examples

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Images from the Arman
Collection of African Art

from the book
"African Faces, African Figures:
The Arman Collection"

Kota/Mahongwe page
Mende page
Fang byeri figures
Fang nlo-byeri heads
Interview with Arman Armand
Chokwe Pwo masks

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Scarification among African

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Benin bronze and ivory hip
A comparison of styles and some
Benin Oba commemorative

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ivory pendants
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Kongo Nail Fetishes
from the Chiloango River Area

By Ezio Bassani

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You Be the Judge - Main Page and archives
Figure # 11
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created for museum and
other exhibitions that
I've taken pictures of.
"Treasures of
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Recommended Reading

I am putting together a page with a few of my favorite books from my
small, but growing, library on African Art.