Recommended Reading Page
(This page is always under construction)

In this page I will attempt to put together a list of books that I have found particularly interesting or informative. I will put my comments about the
book and will list the editor's and/or editorial comments as well.

From time to time I will also do book drawings on this page.
Along with collecting African art, or any tribal art for that matter, I believe it is important to collect a good set of reference books to learn from.
For a beginning collector I think  it is very important to start out with a good general book on African art and then move to culture or object
specific books as you go along in your collecting journey and your knowledge develops and your tastes refine.

Every month I make it a point to seek out a new book for my small but growing library. I subscribe to the Tribal Arts publication, the African
Arts publication and Sotheby's auction catalogs. These publications will provide you with current research that is being done in various fields
and often times can lead you to some of the new books being published.

What I attempt to do on this page is to list books that I find particularly interesting. Buying books can be a hard thing to do unless you can
look at the book before you buy it or get a recommendation from someone who has the book. I've bought many books blindly and not been so
happy with them and I have bought many books based upon a recommendation from a friend that I have been happy with. I hope this page
can be of some use to you!
I'm currently having some trouble with this page and am in the process of rebuilding it.
I'll make an announcement on the main page on my site when it's back to normal!