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"Native Arts of the World...At Home in Colorado"
another exhibition that I am part of this year

“Grave Matters - Art of Memory and Mourning”
An exhibition that I was part of earlier this year
Collectors Collect:
Works from Denver Private Collections

Presented by the
Mizel Museum, Denver, CO

The Exhibition

This unique exhibit will feature five private collectors and their individual collections, highlighting the significance of
collecting art and objects.

Collections included are:
Ellen Beller's contemporary Judaica

Pat Dalton's rare Chinese objects and textiles

Marilyn Eber's contemporary and traditional Native American kachina figures, beadwork, and cradle boards

Steve Metzler and Susan Jacobson's Romanian paintings, embroideries and hand-woven European textiles

African art from the collection of
Rand Smith.

The possibilities that arise when we unleash our innate curiosity and begin collecting are illuminated by this
dynamic exhibition that juxtaposes collector and collection. Take this unusual opportunity to glimpse inside the
private worlds that these five collectors temporarily share with us.

For reservations to all programs, please call (303) 394-9993 ext. 7

Adult Programs

Opening Night Reception

Tuesday     October 10, 2006            5 - 8 p.m.

5-7 p.m.      Exhibit Viewing
7-8 p.m.      Meet the Collectors AND Adventures in Collecting

Denver collectors Ellen Beller, Pat Dalton, Marilyn Eber, Susan Jacobson and Rand Smith will share themselves
and their collections. Take this opportunity to learn how and why each of these Denverites began collecting. Our
featured collectors and additional local collectors will also share their experiences and adventures while pursuing
their passions.

Psychology of Collecting: What's Under all that Stuff?

Dr. Beverly Chico, Historian and Collector, Regis University

Dr. Chico will discuss some characteristics of collectors, personal challenges they face, reasons for collecting, how
a personal collection may provide meaning to one's life, what can be learned about oneself through reflection on
collecting, differences between collecting and hoarding, and how a collection might serve as a vehicle for probing
relationships between physical objects and spiritual realities.

Wednesday            October 18                      7 - 8:30 p.m. OR
Wednesday            November 15                  1-2:30 p.m.

$5 per person

Conserving and Maintaining your Collection

Monday   November 20        5-7 p.m.

Judy Greenfield of Art Objects Conservation will discuss managing and conserving your collection, whether it be
ceramics or large oil paintings.

$5 per person

The Artist and Collector Relationship and How Collecting Can Help Communities

Monday        December 11                    5 - 7 p.m.

A discussion by collectors Steve Metzler and Susan Jacobson, co-founders of the Art of Eastern Europe, and Pat
Dalton, founder of Chinese Textile Tours. Importer Steven Metzler travels to Europe frequently, where he maintains
close relationships with painters and tapestry artists from Romania. He and his daughter Susan have acquired an
impressive collection of exquisite, museum-quality original art, including commissioned pieces. This is one of the
largest collections of contemporary East European art in the United States. It contains works from accomplished
artists, well-known and exhibited throughout Europe.

Pat Dalton is an expert on ethnic minority embroideries. She has followed her passion for the intricate details and
open hearts of a small group of craftswomen. Pat Dalton has taken several hundred people on similar journeys
through China. As Dalton Textile Tours has grown, so has the import business she created after meeting these
craftspeople, aiding village peasant women struggling to uphold their ancient traditions. Dalton uses the proceeds
from the sale of these goods to fund her purchase of the reading glasses for craftswomen she takes with her to

$5 per person

An Evening with African Art Collector Rand Smith:
Is Older Better? And What is the Meaning of Authentic?

Monday        November 13                   5-7 p.m.

Rand Smith of Rand African Art will share his philosophies on collecting and the beauty and mystery of African art
and will guide us to a better understanding of African objects and how authenticity and rarity are so valuable. Learn
about the African culture through stories and his objects.

$5 per person

School Programs

All school programs offered in conjunction with this exhibit integrate learning for children and Colorado State
Standards in the following areas: geography, history, reading and writing, visual arts.

Guided School and Group tours are available DAILY upon request

Monday - Friday    October 11, 2006 - January 6, 2007

$5 per person

How We Learn About Other People Through Our Collections

Dr. Beverly Chico will introduce children to the practice of collecting through displaying and discussing her own
collection. In this program, kids will consider what they might like to collect and how they may begin a lifelong love
for collecting.

Dr. Beverly Chico, Historian and Collector, Regis University

Thursday                October 19                     9 a.m. - noon
Wednesday             November 15                  9 a.m. - noon
Tuesday                  December 5                    9 a.m. - noon

Additional programs with Dr. Chico can be scheduled for groups for kids and adults.

$5 per person

Short on Funds? ... Don't let that stop you!!!
We have scholarships, field trip and bus money available for school groups! Call us so we can help!!
The Collector by Bob Rizzo
"The Collector"
by Bob Rizzo
In the collection of Rand Smith
A contemporary sculpture based on the African form of the Kongo nkisi/nkondi figures.

The following group of objects, as well as "The Collector", are the ones that will be included in the exhibition.
You can click on any thumbnail image to see additional images and information.
Collectors Collect: Works from Denver Private Collections

I put this page together to share an exhibition with others that I will be a part of starting in
October. The Mizel Museum's primary focus is education, and I am really excited for the
opportunity to be able to participate in and work with them on this particular exhibition.

The art exhibited in the exhibition is very diverse. The Mizel Museum provides quite a few
programs to educate people, and also programs to illuminate different facets of
"collecting".  I volunteered to speak for of the programs and I probably bit off more than I
can chew, but it will be a good experience for me to put my thoughts on paper and share
them with others. I plan to use several different variations of the same object for my talk;
from older authentic examples of an object, up to present day productions made
specifically for the collecting market. It should be an interesting exercise for me and I hope
that people will enjoy it as well.

I am also excited that my contemporary sculpture "The Collector" by Bob Rizzo will in
effect be the mascot for the exhibition and will be displayed as you walk into the door of
the museum.

Below you can read a little more about the exhibition and some of the programs that will
take place during the run of the exhibition. A special thanks to Georgina and Ellen at the
Mizel Museum for the opportunity to let me participate in this exhibition!

At the bottom of this page are a few photos I took at the opening reception
Bali elephant mask from Cameroon Luvale Makishi Mwana Pwevo mask Asante Akua'ba doll Lobi bateba Ti Puo figure Bamana marionette head - Sigi Kun Lobi bateba Ti Puo figure Lobi bateba Dorka figure Maternity figure from Tanzania
Opening reception is Tuesday October 10th from 5-8 PM - see below for details
About the Mizel Museum
The Mizel Museum's mission is to present the continuum of the Jewish people within a multicultural context
through the arts. The Mizel Museum provides programs in the visual, performing and literary arts to the Jewish
community and the community at large. The work of the Mizel Museum is based on a belief in the importance of
the arts as an expression of the human spirit and as a key to the creative, spiritual and historical identity of the
individual and the community. Programs expose the community to the rich cultural heritage and history of the
Jewish people and serve as a catalyst for exploring diversity and understanding among the multiplicity of cultures.
Inherent in all program initiatives is a commitment to professional excellence, high artistic standards, educational
value and accessibility.
Below are some photos I took at the opening reception. I didn't use a flash so the photos didn't come out all that good.

The opening reception for the exhibition was nice and it was a pleasure to meet the other collectors in the exhibition and also to talk to
people attending the reception. It was interesting to hear the stories of the other collectors when they gave their talks about their collecting
experiences to the audience for the "Meet the Collectors" program. I'm not much of a public speaker, but I think my talk went OK. I basically
used my text from my
About Me page on my website for my talk.

The exhibition was installed in 3 rooms in the museum space, I will be adding more photos to this page soon, photos of better quality.
Janelle Mock (facing the camera) talking to someone
attending the reception. Janelle is the Education
Director at the museum.

In the background on the right is "The Collector" and my
Bamaba Sigi Kun puppet head. In the front right are a
few of Marilyn Eber's Native American objects.
This wall contained a few of Pat Dalton's Chinese
objects, there were some nice textiles on display as well
as a couple of nice ivory vases. My favorite was a silk
thread panel (for lack of a better description at the
moment) that was in the display case on the left in the
photo, it was amazing!

Georgina Koller who is the curator at the museum put
together a very nice exhibition guide that contained
information on all of the objects in the exhibition as well
as information on the collectors.

Dr. Beverly Chico who will be doing a few of the
programs associated with the exhibition is at the table
viewing the exhibition guide.
The photo is a little blurry, but in the background are
some of Steve Metzler and Susan Jacobson's Romanian
paintings as well as a display case of some more of
Marilyn Eber's Native American Indian objects. Her
objects mainly focused on art for children and art made
by women, it included contemporary as well as older
Here is a shot of some more of my objects that were in the exhibition.

on the panel is my Bali elephant mask from Cameroon.
on the panel is my Bali elephant mask from Cameroon.

Georgina did a fantastic job of providing people with a lot of information about
the objects on display.
In the back is Ellen Premack, the Museum Director,
talking to a few people attending the opening.
More photos coming soon...
Here is a better photo of the display case mentioned above. The ivory vases
are on the right and the panel I mentioned is in the back. The panel is a sheer
material and the figure is composed of silk thread, there is an incredible
amount of detail. (Above) is a selection of Chinese textiles on display.
Ellen Beller's contemporary Judaica shown above and to the left.
Steve Metzler and Susan Jacobson's Romanian works, these were actually not paintings, they were needlework with incredible detail.
The one on the right is actually silk thread and was amazing with the level of detail. You can click on the image on the right to see a higher resolution
Photos above were taken from the door as you walk into the museum space.