Inuit Art from the collection of Dr Samuel Wagonfeld and his wife Sally Allen

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One of my favorite pieces from the collection (below)
The 2 images below are fascinating and the story behind them is even more interesting.
Villages and people were effected by the change in the caribou migrations, leaving them
starving and to die.

Here is the story of the woman directly below:
"Left alone in a cold, ice-covered igloo, Arnalukjuak sat hunched over, in threadbare
clothing, her hair frosted over, saying nothing. I put some tobacco into her soapstone
pipe, but she was too weak to suck on it. By next morning, she had died of cold and
hunger. Her relatives sealed off the igloo."
The image below is one of the most powerful images I have ever seen. I can not
explain in words how seeing this image made me feel.
This piece below is another one of my favorites and it deals with a
Shaman and transformation. The image below it is the reverse of
this piece and shows the spirit helper of the shaman.
Another one of my favorite pieces from the collection (below)
This piece also portrays a Shaman transformation.
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