Tuareg "tamzak" camel saddle
A beautiful saddle made by the Tuareg from Niger.
Approximately 31 1/2" tall, 11" across the seat, from back to pummel 11".
Wood, metal, leather, pigments.
Ex Peter Berman collection

Photos:Peter Berman

The Tuareg people of Niger were traditionally nomadic people, moving with their camels and goats. They don't have masking traditions and don't
carve or use statues for ritual purposes. Instead they make beautiful jewelery,  leather work and carved wooden tent posts, as well as other utilitarian

The Tuareg word for saddle is térik, and the saddle shown above is called "tamzak". Other utilitarian objects, usually saddle bags or "camel
trappings" will adorn the saddles making for a beautiful and colorful overall display, as can be seen in links further down on this page.

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Photos and information below for reference purposes
Tuareg, Early 20th century  
Hoggar region, Sahara Desert, North Africa  
1926 Logan Sahara Expedition
LMA 2713
In the collection of the
Logan Museum
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