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Above is a series of photos I took from the top of the towers of Notre Dame that I merged together to get a wide-angle view of Paris. Notre Dame was
fantastic and we took a lot of photos. They are your typical tourist photos, but they're different because you took them yourself.
You can click on the photo above (or most any on this page) to see the full size version.

Below are photos of the gargoyles around Notre Dame.
Above (left to right) is Jerome and I in the front and Vero and Estelle in
the back. (Vero had asked that her photograph not be published on
the Internet so I blurred her face out.) Vero was our tour guide when
we arrived in Paris and she and her husband are also Tribal art
collectors who spend most of the year living in Nigeria and a couple of
months living in Paris. Estelle is also a collector and a good friend of
mine who lives in France who came to Paris for a few days to walk
around the show with us.
Above are Tatjana and Jochen who came in on Friday from Germany.
Above are Jerome (L) and Peter Kryshtalovich who is from Canada.
Me and my good friend Estelle who came to Paris to meet up
with us for the show.
Below are photos of some of the people that we had the pleasure
of spending some time with in Paris.
Above (left to right) are Bobbi Hamill, Tim Hamill and John Pavan at
the hotel having breakfast one morning.
These are the stairs that go up and down the towers at Notre Dame. They are narrow and
people are going up and down the stairs at the same time at times. After a while, you get a
little dizzy needless to say!
Coming soon..."The monkey's trip to Paris"
In the intersection of rue Bonaparte and rue des Beaux-Arts